C.T. Luna broke through my confusion around marketing my book

Reviewed June 5, 2016 by i Love Reading

Whether you are publishing your first book or your tenth, C.T. Luna's THE ASPIRING AUTHOR'S GUIDE: WRITE YOUR MARKETING PLAN provides an essential toolset to improve your book's discoverability. I was lucky enough to be an advanced reader, and the information came just in time to help me market a new project. The clear instructions and practical exercises led me through the process to create a marketing plan in a day, and helped me focus my efforts where they are most effective. Definitely add this book to your must reads.


VIRTUAL IDENTITY by Eduardo Suastegui


A frightening and exhilarating techno-thriller

Reviewed May 26, 2016 by i Love Reading

Eduardo Suastegui delivers a masterful blend of intrigue and misdirection in VIRTUAL IDENTITY, book nine of his Our Cyberworld stories. Sandra Tomek, game systems creator, has lost control of her life- or is it her game? As she spirals through levels of experience, it becomes harder to know what is real and what is virtual. If you enjoyed Inception or Memento, you will love VIRTUAL REALITY.


WOUNDED HONOR by Eduardo Suastegui


A Great Story, Full of Intrigue and Transformation
Reviewed April 21, 2016 by i Love Reading


In WOUNDED HONOR, Eduardo Suastegui creates a clever mashup between his TRACKING JANE and OUR CYBER WORLD series, exploring the technology supporting Jane's neuroprosthetics. The cost of those miraculous devices cuts deep and Jane is forced to endure brutal changes, testing her will to survive. If you have not yet read TRACKING JANE, start now.


MYSTIC by Garrett B. Robinson


Wizards, wurts and all things wonderful. Read MYSTIC
Reviewed December 16, 2015 by i Love Reading

Garrett B. Robinson's MYSTIC is the perfect sequel to NIGHTBLADE, the story of the aspiring master thief Loren and her personal journey from her not-so-sweet forest home to the opportunities and dangers of the open road. MYSTIC continues that journey, expanding Loren's view of the nine kingdoms just enough to fit her story into a larger world encompassing ships, armies, battles, wizards and wide-scale death. Throughout, Loren struggles to reconcile her strong convictions with the unintended consequences of her choices. She finds that circumstances sometimes require alliances with those she mistrusts and that even her enemies act out of honor.

Robinson is in top form here, and I was wowed again by his world building and character skills. I loved MYSTIC and will be reading more of the NIGHTBLADE epic. You should too.


INVASION Books 1-3 by Truant & Platt


A big story masterfully told. Enjoy
Reviewed July 5, 2015 by i Love Reading

The boxed set of books one through three of ALIEN INVASION has just launched, and I would recommend it to anyone who has not yet experienced the series. This is a big story with impressive character development. The authors describe the alien invasion of the title from a unique perspective. The first book, INVASION, focuses on the reactions of humanity to an imminent threat. The second book, CONTACT, ups the suspense with a claustrophobic sensibility and the inevitability of alien control. The third book, COLONIZATION, explores the impact of the loss of freedom. Each book surprises and twists in unexpected ways. Enjoy the masterful storytelling from Platt and Truant.


The 8-Minute Writing Habit by Monica Leonelle


An amazing productivity hack
Reviewed  November 18, 2015 by i Love Reading

If you want to speed up your writing, read Monica Leonelle's GROWTH HACKING FOR STORYTELLER series. I just finished working through her 8x8 Challenge that builds a writing habit in eight days of eight-minute sessions. In THE 8 MINUTE WRITING HABIT, Leonelle explores the topic with simple exercises, clearly explained, that provide fun and inventive ways to ingrain better writing habits.

Does it work? In the course of eight days, I wrote 1717 words in eight-minute increments. I experimented with dictation, successfully combining it with word processors. I worked from various locations- my bed, the couch, the Gazebo in freezing rain. I did multiple sessions in the grocery store parking lot, the pet store parking lot, the convenience store parking lot, the bed and the couch. 

Eight-minute sessions netted 2688 words for my first day of National Novel Writing Month and over 40,000 words in its first week. The 8x8 experience is a definite win for writing productivity. Thanks, Monica Leonelle.


INVASION by Truant & Platt


A Fast-Paced Read with Great Characters and Unrelenting Tension
Reviews May 13, 2015 by i Love Reading

Invasion is a masterful fusion of science fiction and pre-apocalyptic thriller unlike any other story I've read. At least for this first book in the Alien Invasion series, the invaders are kept in the background. Their presence creates a sense of dread, a tension that never lets up and sets the stage for the crumbling of society that starts before any actual contact. The story excels at surprises, twists, and an ending that catches you totally off-guard. The characters are not necessarily likable, but they keep you intrigued, and by the end of the book, you care about them. 

Platt and Truant have written an enthralling story with muscular dialog, a well-drawn family dynamic and a stark look at humanity under stress. I'm pre-ordering Contact, book two in their Alien Invasion series.